Planning for High Altitude Treks? Here are things what you need to do

High altitudes treks demand special preparation since they are bit difficult to carry out for the normal people with average physical fitness. With proper training and right planning almost anyone can experience the fun of high altitude treks.

Here we have incorporated some ideas to help you guys to reach high, stay well and reach top altitudes which you would never have believed to be possible in the tallest mountain ranges of the world:

Train Hard

When it comes to training for high altitude treks one should mostly focus on the training for the lungs and hearts. It is recommended to carry out aerobic exercises like running, swimming, biking and walking weeks prior the high altitude treks plan. Practise yourself carrying a load on your back.

Take Proper Rest

It is recommended for trekkers to take proper rest before trekking to high altitude. Spending two to three days doing little exercise an drinking plenty of water (4 to 5 liters) will be beneficial. This removes the problem of dehydrations while trekking in higher altitude.

Keep Eating

Some people may lose appetite while trekking at high altitude but it is recommended to keep eating minor snacks. Snacks which are rich in calories are recommended.

Be Prepared for Tough Days and Rough Nights

Nights at the high altitude may be tough for some people. People may wake during their sleep frequently feeling out of air since the breathing rate slows while sleeping at higher altitude.

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