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Newari Foods That You Can’t Miss While You Are In Kathmandu

Newar community is known for their culture and tradition in Nepal. For centuries they have lived in the central part of Nepal and helped in its civilization. Beside their culture and tradition Newar community is known for one other thing which is their traditional Newari delicacies.
Trying out the traditional Newari delicacies in Kathmandu is one of the most important thing which you can’t afford to miss while you are in Kathmandu. As a matter-of-fact, that will once in a lifetime experience for your taste-buds which you cant taste from any other part of the world other than Nepal.
The most awesome way of enjoying Newari delicacies is eating it out in a traditional way. There are many hotels and restaurants available in the Kathmandu valley which served Newari foods in their traditional way. Guests can sit on a long narrow straw mat which is called “sukul” in Nepali and eat from the plate made with leaves.
Well anyways, here I’ll be listing some of the most important and delicious Newari food items that are very popular among the local and foreign visitors while they were in Kathmandu

Momocha or simply momo: non-veg item which is a meat dumpling can either be of steamed or fried
JuJu Dhau: Milk yogurt or curd sweetened with sugar, Bhaktapur is famous for it
Alu tama: curry made up of bamboo shoots and potatoes
Bhuttan: non-veg item which prepared from the fried intestine and other abdominal parts of lamb or mutton
Bara: fried snack made up of lentils
Chatamari: delicious pancake made up of rice flour
All of these dishes are quite unique and should be a “must to try” in your list if you are visiting Kathmandu valley.
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