Dashain - Nepal's biggest festival

Dashain, The Biggest Festival in Nepal

Dashain, The Biggest Festival in Nepal

Also called Durga Puja or Bijaya Dashami locally

Dashain or Bijaya Dashami is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. Dashain is one of the most notable festival in Nepal because it is one of the longest festival on the Nepalese calendar. Many Nepalese emigrants who live outside Nepal come to observe Dashain festival in Nepal during their holidays.

Dashain festival is celebrated for 15 days and runs on the Hindu month of Ashwin (between September and October) from the bright moon until the full moon. Foreigners need to pay quite attention and plan accordingly because many Nepalese businesses and offices will be closed during the period of Dashain.

Dashain is the festival which is celebrated by the Hindus to mark the victory good over the evil. According to the Hindu Mythology, Dashain is celebrated because Ram the incarnation of Lord Vishnu killed the demon lord Ravana and Goddess Durga brutally destroyed the demon Mahisasur who was creating havoc in the world. The Hindu goddess of victory Durga is especially worshipped during this period.

Long Holidays and Flying Kites in the Biggest Hindu Festival

Schools, Colleges and Offices are closed during the period of Dashain. This is the time for the families, friends and relatives to unite since, most of the time they are involved in their own jobs and business. This is the reason why Nepalese people celebrate Dashain with great enthusiasm.

One thing that anyone notice during Dashain is the kites flying up in the sky. If you see kites flying somewhere up in the sky then you can easily guess that the Dashain is taking over the place. Kites in the sky signifies Dashain since it has become a tradition among the Nepalese to fly kites during this period.
Temporary swings made up of bamboos are established in an open space near the surrounding areas where children mostly gather to give it a go. Don’t be surprised if you spot adults too. These swings are later disassembled when Dashain ends.

Card Game Indulgement

Playing cards has also become quite a tradition during the period of Dashain. Adults indulge themselves in card games where they play for fun or for money both.
Dashain Shopping has become quite a trend among Nepalese as well. And this is increasing a lot since the shops provide huge discount, bonus, lucky draws and gift hampers right before the period of Dashain.

Animal Sacrifice

Animal sacrifice is another trend which happens during this period. Animals like goat, buffalo, ducks and rams are sacrificed to please the Hindu Goddess Durga for her blessing over the family. Though there are people who are extremely criticizing this trend since thousands and thousands of animals lost their lives during Dashain.

Distant relatives and family members gather around the same place where the elders give their blessing in form of Tika to their relatives. This is the most important part and period of Dashain since Dashain is all about getting Tika on the forehead and receiving the blessings from the elders and paying them respect.

Nepal is rich in culture, traditions and festivals and Dashain is one of them. This is the festival which defines Nepalese culture. This is festival which creates strong bond between the family members. This is the festival which promotes love and affection between the family members.

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